Progressive Damping System-2 KYB: BETA RR Racing 23/24-YZ 22/23-FANTIC XX/XE-RMZ 250 19/23-YZF 14/17

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Innovative system perfected and developed by Lainer Suspension Racing.

For Front Forks KYB 48 mm (Piston 24mm) with springs length 498 mm:

  • BETA RR Racing 2023-2024
  • YZ 125/250 2022-2023
  • FANTIC XX-XE 125  2022-2023
  • FANTIC XX-XE 250  2022-2023
  • YZF 250 2014-2018
  • YZF 450 2014-2017
  • RMZ 250 2019-2023

The Progressive Damping System-2 (PDS-2) is a valve that allows to control the oil outside the cartridge as needed.

  • In this new model it’s been added an upper valve to control the oil flow in the compression phase with four different positions.
  • In the lower valve based on the position of the outer ring (5 positions available), it increases or decreases the oil flow from the bottom to the top of the fork, determining more stiffness especially at the end stroke.
  • It’s included the spring preload on the top part of the device.

This system allows to maintain a more comfortable hydraulic setting avoiding the bottoming.

Made in Italy.

Weight 0.4 kg

MOUNTING INSTRUCTION Progressive Damping System

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