Lainer Suspension Vacuum Filling Machine

3,070.00$ (TAX excl.)

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New machine dedicated to all tuners who want to obtain the best result from their job!

This machine has been built after many years of experience in the suspension world, researching the maximum technology in the world of vacuum.

It’s delivered with all the fittings for every kind of shock absorbers.

• Double tube from the bladder to the pump and there’s no need to open the compression adjuster.

• Bleeding in 5 minutes only.

• Two tanks to even use two different kind of oil.

• It’s possible to use the pump at the track for a test session using the same oil inside the shock, only changing the purge mode.

• Very small dimensions: 58 cm x 34 cm x 19 cm.

• Made with aluminum and stainless steel.

• Acoustic alert at the end of the process.


It’s completely produced in Italy by a Lainer Suspension’s project!!


IMPORTANT:  the machine is 220 Volt with a Shuko plug. For any different voltage you need to a voltage regulator transformer.

Weight 33 kg